Hacking the immigration system with RSE: Seafaring start-up incubator Blueseed taking to the high seas.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs are already lined up to hit the high seas aboard floating tech incubator Blueseed. The sea-dwelling start-up center boasts cutting-edge office space alongside comfortable living — all for about the cost of a San Francisco apartment.

Aside from offering a great environment for working and living, Blueseed is hacking the US immigration system with radical social entrepreneurship. Tragically, today’s immigration policies often prevent smart, capable entrepreneurs from reaching the US and putting their ideas into action.

Blueseed gives these international innovators a way in. The ship is anchored 12 miles outside California, in international waters. This keeps it near the Mecca of tech and venture capital, Silicon Valley. But unlike opening an office on terra firma, Blueseeders don’t need visas to live and work on board. People from around the world can come together with Blueseed and work on their projects. Those who need to stretch their land-legs can hop on the ferry service right to California’s sunny shores.

Blueseed is a brilliant way that radical social entrepreneurship can fix social problems and catalyze further innovation. Immigration laws keeping out good ideas and entrepreneurs is a serious social problem. The founders of Blueseed are working to fix it by hacking the immigration system. And they’re doing it fast: Blueseed sets sail as soon as mid 2013.

Would you hop on board?

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