What’s our story anyway?

Radical Social Entrepreneurs is a global network of visionaries, innovators, and creators focused on using radically new approaches to solve complex world problems.

Social entrepreneurship has made strides in alleviating poverty through the clever use of technology and commerce. But it’s time to leverage good ideas from around the world to innovate in fundamental areas like community, law, governance, and education.

Social entrepreneurs have innovated within paradigmsradical social entrepreneurs must shift the paradigms themselves.

Piecemeal projects may be steps in the right direction, but the scale of today’s challenges requires radical thinking. We feature the latest work in revolutionary technology, new strides in design, urbanism, business, management, law, conduct, and especially their relevance for changing our legal, community, governance, and education systems for good.

Radical Social Entrepreneurs is a banner for boundary-pushers building a better world.

RSE is the newest initiative of the FLOW project, a non-profit started in 2005 by education innovator and Radical Social Entrepreneur Michael Strong and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. Both believe that commerce, held alongside a clear vision of a better future, is a powerful tool for achieving a world of prosperity, peace, and human flourishing.

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