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Open-Source Seafarming: A Blue Revolution in Costa Rica?

Ricardo Radulovich is building cheap, sustainable sea-farms that could revolutionize agriculture, clean our oceans, and feed millions. More »
Mars One

Mars or Bust. How might Mars One’s Reality-TV colony govern itself?

Bas Lansdorp is no stranger to big ideas. Prior to Mars One, he co-founded Dutch energy start-up Ampyx. But Lansdorp’s current goal of putting humans on Mars makes the jump from big ideas to gargantuan ones. More »

‘A classroom of thousands’: Disrupting entrepreneurial education with Massive Open Online Courses

Online education has grown up in the last decade. But recent movements toward “MOOCs” — classrooms of thousand — may hold online learning’s greatest disruptive potential yet. More »

Open-source currencies on the rise in Greece

In the shadow of the Euro Crisis, the people of the Greek city of Volos are taking their monetary future into their own hands. More »

Taking the law online:’s plan to build the future of legal systems.

All around the world, people struggle with expensive legal fees and backlogged courts. Judges are sometimes biased or corrupt. Political agendas tilt the scales of justice. In many places in the developing world, courts are used almost exclusively by elites. But if 26-year old Peter-Jan Celis has his way, this is all bound to change. More »

SpaceX to make history early Saturday. Watch it live.

PayPal co-founder Elon Musk’s private space company SpaceX is about to put May 19th, 2012 in the history books. If all goes as planned, early tomorrow morning SpaceX’s Dragon capsule will take off and begin its long ascent to the International Space Station. More »

Hacking the immigration system with RSE: Seafaring start-up incubator Blueseed taking to the high seas.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs are already lined up to hit the high seas aboard floating tech incubator Blueseed. More »

FastCo: Meet Generation Flux — our institutions were not built for today’s chaotic world.

The next decade or two will be defined more by fluidity than by any new, settled paradigm; if there is a pattern to all this, it is that there is no pattern. The most valuable insight is that we are, in a critical sense, in a time of chaos. More »

Bjork re-imagines the music album with 19-year-old drop-out programmer.

Icelandic pop singer Bjork is well-known for pushing the boundaries of music with her experimental style, but her latest album, Biophilia, may be her most ambitious experiment yet. More »

“The Future Belongs to the Curious”: SkillShare’s radical challenge to education.

The Future Belongs to the Curious from Skillshare on Vimeo. From our first moment on Earth, we are learning. But ‘education’ today is often synonymous with schools, rather than a natural life process. More »