A group of entrepreneurs is starting their own community in downtown Santiago, Chile. Their bootcamp is open now. More »
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The Future of Bitcoin: An Interview with Tradehill CEO Jered Kenna

Despite its detractors, the digital currency Bitcoin has continued to grow in popularity. To get some inside perspective on Bitcoin, Radical Social Entrepreneurs spoke with ‘Bitcoin Millionaire’ Jered Kenna, CEO of the Tradehill Bitcoin exchange located in San Francisco. More »

Can cryptocurrency fight global poverty?

Can cryptocurrency fight global poverty? RSE contributor Jeff Fong has an excellent series running on Policymic about Bitcoin. More »
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Open-Source Seafarming: A Blue Revolution in Costa Rica?

Ricardo Radulovich is building cheap, sustainable sea-farms that could revolutionize agriculture, clean our oceans, and feed millions. More »

How to kill San Francisco’s ride-sharing start-ups

Ride-sharing start-ups Lyft, SideCar and Tickengo are helping San Franciscans get around faster and cheaper than ever before… much to the chagrin of local cabs. More »

A start-up incubator to end humanity’s need for blood drives.

What if a doctor with a great idea could walk across the street and turn it into a start-up? In Aurora, Colorado, they can. More »

Jonathan Blow’s existential video games.

Are video games a vehicle for philosophy? If renegade game developer Jonathan Blow has his way, the answer is emphatically yes. More »

Minerva Project to innovate the Ivy League?

What does it take to become an elite university? If the $25 million first-round venture funding of Minerva is any indication, quite a bit. Minerva is a for-profit university hoping to edge into the Ivy League. More »

Welcome to Strand East: IKEA goes radical.

Anyone familiar with IKEA knows that their labyrinthine stores can seem like towns unto themselves. IKEA is upping the ante, and is poised to go radical — building an entire community in a London slum. More »