Submission Guidelines

Know of a project that you think Radical Social Entrepreneurs would want to hear about? We welcome articles about your own project, or one you’re interested in.

Here’s how it works.

The process:

  1. Send your project pitch or article idea to:
  2. Once we give you a green light, write your article. We prefer articles between 400 and 800 words. Shorter is better, especially if combined with a piece of good content (a great graph, a cool video). If you have something truly revolutionary to say, we will consider longer articles.
  3. We send back your draft with edits before it is published for you to review and confirm.
  4. Once published, post it around and enjoy the PR!

The rules:

  1. Keep it concise. And pithy.
  2. We welcome articles by people who are enthusiastic about their own projects, but the article should not come across as simply ‘promotional.’  Show us how cool the project is by describing the nuts-and-bolts — don’t just tell us that it’s cool or important.
  3. No partisan politics. Discussing the effects of social technology like political systems and their components (e.g. voting, private property, regulation) is encouraged. But no candidate endorsements or rants.
  4. Focus on the big picture. How is your idea or project part of humanity’s evolution towards a world of prosperity, peace, consent, and flourishing?
  5. Be friendly and interesting. No one likes a downer.
  6. Know a little about RSE.

For additional questions, please email: